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What is WAMUNC?


Model United Nations is a proud tradition at Woodstock Academy. This club has been in existence at Woodstock Academy since 1968, making it one of the oldest continuously operating clubs of its type in the country.  For most of its existence, it functioned solely as an extracurricular activity.  When Woodstock Academy adopted the block schedule, International Relations was introduced as a new class and the club became linked with the class, open to participation for juniors and seniors.

Woodstock Academy Model United Nations Program has been extremely successful in recent years. other last and this current season, we received dealation awards at Boston University, New York University, William and Mary, and NHSMUN.  Currently the largest club at Woodstock Academy, MUN is composed of over one hundred individuals of all grade levels.

The Woodstock Academy Model United Nations Club consists of two teams. The travel team, composed of juniors and seniors taking the course International Relations, participates in conferences across the country from cities such as Virginia, to Chicago, to Boston, to New York City. The club team, composed of freshman and sophomores, participates in one-day conferences throughout New England.

In the Fall of 2014, in light of the recent success of the program and the opportunity for improvement, the club decided to take on the challenge of hosting its own Model United Nations Conference. The secretariat was chosen and months of hard work and dedication went into organizing WAMUNC 2015. It was a large success, and has continued to be a success ever since, bringing together delegates from New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island to engage in lively debate in seven exciting committees. 


We are incredibly pleased with the success of WAMUNC 2022 and hope that WAMUNC 2023 will be just as lively and accomplish great debate, learning, and the whole Model UN experience!

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