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Advisor Guide


General Contact Information:


Woodstock Academy

57 Academy Rd.

Woodstock, CT 06281


Phone: (860) 928-6575

Fax: (860) 963-7222




Emailing is the most effective way to contact us with questions that cannot be answered on our website at The WAMUNC Secretariat can also be reached via e-mail, mail, or fax.

Emergency Contact Information:


Faculty Advisor

Sara Dziedzic

Phone: (774) 232-1889




Technology/Research Room: Library (In field house, enter from outside)

Committee Sessions: Second Floor Bowen Building (rooms B202, 204, and 206) 

Registration: Woodstock Academy Fieldhouse Foyer 

Morning Refreshments, Lunch: Student Commons (Cafeteria)

Opening and Closing Ceremonies: Bates Memorial Auditorium (In field house, next to library)


Advisor Lounge & Meetings

An advisor lounge will be available throughout the duration of the conference. The room may be used as a quiet and comfortable space to chat or work. Coffee and refreshments will also be available.

The advisor meeting will take place in the same location. During this meeting WAMUNC staff will collect feedback on all aspects of the conference.

Lunch will be held in the cafeteria inside of the Bowen building.


Dress Code

During all sessions of the conference, delegates are expected to look presentable in what is called Western Business Attire. Everyone should wear either dress pants, dress shoes, dress shirts, ties and jackets, you may also wear dress pants and a dress shirt, or a dress or skirt. Dresses and skirts must reach the knee in length and tights must be worn. Blouses should not have a low neckline. More information on dresses and blouses may be found at If delegates fail to adhere to the dress code then the advisor will be contacted and the delegate may be asked to change.

Alcohol and Drug Policy

Alcohol and illegal drugs are prohibited at all times during the conference. If any delegates are caught in possession or under the influence of alcohol or any illegal drugs, parents or guardians will be immediately informed and the delegates will be expelled from the conference.


Badges (Credentials)

Delegates must wear their badges (credentials) in a visible manner at all times during the conference and related events. The badges serve as the primary form of identification recognized by WAMUNC staff. Lost badges must be promptly reported to any WAMUNC staff.

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