Meet Our Committee Chairs!

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Hello!! My name is Fiona Rigney I’m currently a Junior at the Woodstock Academy and studied International Relations in the fall. I have also been a member of the Model United Nations club since my freshman year at the Woodstock Academy. I have traveled to several conferences over the last year and am so excited to chair this conference for all of you whether it's your first one or your fifteenth one I’m sure there will be plenty of tack-a-ways. Outside of Model United Nations I am very active in school sports as both the starting varsity goalie for the girls soccer team and a member of the indoor and outdoor track team. While I absolutely adore doing Model UN I’m planning to attend college as a biology major with a minor in animal sciences and a pre vet track. 


Hi All!! My name is Mia Krzic and I am a senior at the Woodstock Academy. I moved to the United States last August to finish high school as an international student. I grew up in Serbia, which is a small country in Europe that has recently come out of a war. I was first introduced to International Relations and Model UN when I came to Woodstock and I was immediately intrigued by it because it focused on solving problems of political and social nature from all over the world. Coming from a country that was so recently affected by war it helped me have a better understanding of other issues going on in the world and it helped me develop better critical thinking skills. By attending and participating in Model UN conferences I learned how world issues could be resolved by compromise and appropriate leadership. It inspired me to pursue a degree in International Relations and Political Sciences because I want to be the voice that can help improve the socio-political state of my own country. I am very excited for this conference and I am positive that all of you will do amazing!




Hello! My name is Sydney Haskins. I’m a senior at Woodstock Academy and a Co-Head Delegate of the Model United Nations program. Last year, I helped orchestrate the Human Rights Conference hosted by WA. More recently, I have attended SSUNS, BOSMUN, and NAMUN to compete in MUN and placed at all conferences. Outside of MUN, I am the Captain of girls ice hockey and involved in various clubs at my school. After high school, I plan to peruse a degree in Political Science. I look forward to meeting everybody at WAMUNC! 

My name is Lennon Favreau! I am a junior at the Woodstock Academy. I have been a part of the WA Model UN program for the past year. I have attended the McGill University Model UN conference in Montreal, Canada along with the Georgetown conference in Washington DC. Outside of Model UN, I am a member of the basketball and lacrosse teams and am a captain on the soccer team

Libyan Civil War 2011


My name is Aly Niemiec and I am a junior at the Woodstock Academy. This is my first year in the Model UN program as well as my first year being a part of WAMUNC and I will be co-chairing the UNSC committee. Outside of MUN, I play softball and take part in many school clubs and activities, such as the school newspaper. I’ve attended three MUN conferences thus far: my first being a one day conference at St. John’s high school, my second at McGill University in Montreal, and my last one at the beginning of February at Boston University. I can’t wait to watch all of you debate and come up with solutions to the conflicts at hand!

Hi! My name is Isabella Miller and I am in my senior year at the Woodstock Academy. I’ve been doing Model UN for 5 years, participating in both my school's MUN club and have taken both the first and second levels of the Woodstock Academy’s International Relations (IR) class. I originally fell in love with Model UN five years ago, at this very conference as a little 8th grader, and am so excited to be chairing it for the second time! I’ve attended a multitude of conferences both locally and in other states, and have 6 various awards under my belt from the past 2 years of attending college run conferences. Outside of MUN, I am very active in the Woodstock Academy’s Music Department and theatre program, and I am a proud coffee addict. Overall, I am so excited to be chairing this committee and can’t wait to see the creative solutions you all come up with! If you have any questions feel free to email me at Good luck!