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Welcome to Woodstock Academy,

Woodstock Academy is hosting its eighth ever Model UN conference, and you’re invited! The MUN program at WA has built itself from the ground up. A once small and unknown program has become nationally ranked over the course of the past year by achieving a high level of success in conferences at the University of Delaware, the National High School Model United Nations Conference, and various other locations.  

The hardworking students and administrators who founded this very program are dedicated to providing delegates with a long-lasting experience that they can take with them forever. Our goal is for you to come out of this conference an improved public speaker, refined debater, and knowledgeable global spokesperson. We also hope that you meet new people and make new friends during your time at the Academy; the students and staff at Woodstock are some of the friendliest people around!

WAMUNC 2023 will discuss a variety of topics which will include anywhere from The Revolutionary War to Child Labor.


In addition, delegates will gain experience in writing position papers and drafting resolutions. The rigor this conference has to offer will prepare you, the students, to debate in any delegation no matter how big or small. 


We look forward to seeing you in the Spring. We hope that you make the right choice in attending WAMUNC 2023!

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