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Crisis Staff

Revolutionary War



Hi my name is Baden Eaton and I am a senior here at the Academy. I have been doing Model UN for two years now and I absolutely love it! I am also an active member of our school's varsity soccer team and unified basketball team, both of which I greatly enjoy. At school I am the President of FRESH which is a club that helps assist food insecurity. I am also a member of some honor societies at our school. Outside of school I rock climb and ski. I am also a pizza delivery driver which is quite fun and relaxing. After high school I plan on studying international relations at a school which has not been decided yet. I am so excited for this conference and hope you are as well!

Hi, my name is Nathaniel Sarette and I am a senior at Woodstock Academy. This has been my first year doing Model UN as part of our International Relations class. I’ve participated in a few different conferences and love all MUN has to offer. At school I also dabble in Chess Club although I am a rather new (and bad) player. Outside of school I spend the majority of my time working at Target, but on my off days you’ll find me at home hiding in my room playing video games, binge watching shows with my bunny, or taking practice LSATs for fun. After graduation I plan to major in Philosophy with the eventual goal of law school. I’m truly honored to be part of this conference and hope we can have a great time together at WAMUNC!



Hi, my name is Owen Bland and I am a senior at Woodstock Academy. I’ve been part of the school's Model UN team for two years, and I do a lot of crisis committees. I was crisis staff for WAMUNC last year and I am excited to be back. Outside of MUN, you can find me directing short films, reading fantasy novels, hiking all over, and in general causing problems on purpose. In the fall, I will be attending (insert college here) to pursue a degree in International Relations. I cannot wait to see what you all come up with in this committee and to meet you all!

Hello!! My name is Fiona Rigney. I am a senior at the Woodstock Academy and have participated in the International Relations Class and Model United Nations program for the last 2 years. Last year I had the opportunity to chair a United Nations Security Council committee on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine prior to the war and I cannot wait to be a member of this years Crisis Staff. I know that whether this is your first or tenth conference you will have an amazing time. Additionally, over the last two years I have been able to travel all over competing and learning more about complex international and national policies. Outside of Model UN and school I enjoy spending time with my pets and playing multiple sports. After I graduate this year I’m planning to study biology and hopefully follow a pre-vet track. I’m excited to meet you all soon!! 

Hello my name is John Murray I’m a senior at Woodstock Academy. This is my first year in MUN. I have enjoyed participating in MUN and have been to 3 conferences including at the University of Virginia and New York University. Both were overall a really fun experience. At these conferences I received a few awards. I didn’t believe I would like this class as at first, however I quickly realized how wrong I was. I honestly highly recommend taking this class and participating in Model UN. I’m so excited for this conference, and helping out in crisis. I can’t wait to meet you all!

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